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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lakshmi Rai denies latest rumour

Lakshmi Rai has acted in prevalent movies like Muni 2 Kaanchana, Mangatha and Aranmanai. Bits of gossip about this glamourous on-screen character continue advancing and going about Kollywood regularly. The most well known one was about her association with Indian cricketer Dhoni which was then gotten over as simply talk.

Then, Lakshmi Rai has as of late been in the spotlight for yet an alternate gossip. A spilled feature that has been going around the web recently is that of a woman putting on something else and she looks a ton like this on-screen character. All the viewers claim it is Lakshmi Rai in the feature and Kollywood is in stun about this buzz.

In a reaction to this feature bits of gossip, Lakshmi Rai said, " I myself haven't viewed that feature yet, however my companions who did let me know that the woman in it looks a great deal like me. The smart thing about it is that the individual in the feature never fullt uncovered her full face and seems as though me at a plot. Likewise, she wears the toe adornment wedded women wear in India. I've been in silver screen for quite a while and am utilized to bits of gossip, however this one stunned me," she finished.